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Out & About in Pacific Breeze Australia

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Thank you to everyone for your photos of our cover-ups in action! Please keep them coming – it’s great to see you wearing them and read what you have to say.

Remember to tell us something about yourself - how you felt wearing your cover-up, and include your first name, city, country, and the location you wore your cover-up. All feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome.  

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Scroll down and see what people are saying about their cover-ups....




"I had the most fantastic time on my recent holiday to Greece!  It was such a pleasure to wear my layered cover-up and style it to suit any occasion. I would dress it up for dinner and feel quite elegant in the same garment that I also wore to the beach in a totally different style.

Because of its incredible versatility, it saved space in my suitcase by taking the place of at least 5 items of clothing leaving me with extra space for shopping!"

Connie from Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne wearing Mahlee in Burnt Red Mesh Layered, Maxi length

Location: Chrani, Greece


“I just wanted to share with you how much I love my cover-up. I wear it religiously every time I go to the beach, it’s now just part of my swim suit attire and boosts my confidence each time I wear it.

I was walking through Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast just recently and compliments on the garment were so positive. Even my friends and family have said how good it looks.

Thank you so much for such a comfortable and versatile item for my wardrobe” 

Nikita, Brisbane Australia, talking about Mahlee in Splash in the Ocean  

“Your wraps are simply gorgeous – they were perfect to wear on my family’s recent holiday in Hawaii.  I practically lived in them – rotating between this black and white one, and my brown one with sleeves (Angelique).

They were a huge hit everywhere I wore them…I even had complete strangers ask me where I’d gotten them from!”

Kerrianne, Warwickshire England, wearing Mahlee in Spotted In The Jungle layered with Black Mesh

Location:  Hawaii, USA




“I wore this to a wedding at ‘Treetops’, Rotorua, and felt amazing.  Treetops is a luxury lodge and estate and I felt very comfortable wearing this outfit – it was so different from what others were wearing and I got many compliments.”                                       

Staci, Rotorua New Zealand wearing Mahlee in Animal Magnetism layered with Black Mesh 

Location:  Rotorua, New Zealand




“I am so thrilled with this wrap! I couldn’t decide which photo to send you – it’s hard to believe it’s the same garment, as I can wear it so many ways. And I just love the bag it came with – it’s perfect for a day out at the beach.”

Carmen, Sydney Australia wearing Mahlee layered in Aqua Mesh 

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

carmendlmahleeaquaskirt3.jpg carmen-icecream.jpg


“This is more than just a swimsuit cover – it’s perfect for lounging around at home.  I wear it over a slip-dress, and have even worn it when I’ve dined out.

I feel great in it and receive many compliments every time I wear it!"

Judy, Sydney, Australia wearing Angelique in Animal Magnetism (single layer skirt section)

Location: Manly, Sydney Australia


“I get so much wear out of my cover-up every summer, and when we go away on holidays.

Every time I have worn it I have been approached by other women who want to know how to purchase one.  They are absolutely fabulous!“ 

Connie, Melbourne Australia wearing Mahlee in Splash in the Ocean 

Location: Port Stephens, NSW Australia


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“I adore the flow and stylish look of this up-market black Angelique cover-up.
I wore this on my recent holiday in Bali, and in hindsight I really didn't need many other clothes as this looked great as a day wear dress or a beach cover up.  Either way I felt like a princess in it.”
Rose, Waikanae, New Zealand wearing Angelique in Black Mesh (double layer) 
Location:  Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

“I virtually live at the beach every summer, and I have bought 2 of your cover-ups so far.

I like that they are so easy to put on after lying on the sand – I don’t have to get dressed before going for lunch and I feel great when I wear them.  Thank you!”

Carmen, Sydney Australia, wearing Mahlee in Tiger (single layer)

Location: Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia


“This cover-up is great when we’re entertaining at home and having BBQs by the pool – I also wear it to the beach.  I love being able to cover up and look sexy at the same time (this one gives me a fabulous cleavage!).

I chose the lined option for a couple of reasons – for Melbourne’s slightly cooler summer evenings, and being able to wear it reversible – it’s great value for money considering all the different ways I can wear it.”                                                      

Connie, Melbourne Australia wearing Angelique in Spotted In The Jungle lined with Black Mesh 

Location: Her backyard, Melbourne, Australia



“At last there is a swimsuit cover-up which looks stylish, flatters my body, and provides the flexibility for me to choose how I want to wear it.  I really like the choice of having sleeves to cover the tops of my arms.

It’s so versatile too – I wear it when I stroll to the beach, or when I’m home entertaining.

Every woman should have at least one!”

Els, Sydney Australia wearing Angelique in Animal Magnetism (single layer skirt section)

Location:  Fairlight, Sydney, Australia


“After having five children my body is not what it used to be! That’s why I love that I found your designs. Your cover ups make me feel sexy and stylish again!

The wide range of colours and lengths you have to choose from is what makes them so versatile for me to use on different, casual and evening occasions.

My four daughters from 20 to 30 years old all have one or more and I have three as they are a must have in anyone’s wardrobe at home or when travelling.

I can pack all three and they can substitute for having ten other items in my suitcase as they can be used as different dresses and skirts!

What an amazing design. Thank you Teresa!”

Eaneth, Sydney, Australia wearing Mahlee in Passionate About Pink layered with Burnt Orange Mesh 

Location: Drummoyne, Sydney, Australia

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“The sarongs were great whilst I was travelling overseas. They were really easy to carry around and with so many ways of wearing them they were incredibly convenient for a traveller with limited luggage space.

The colours are so great for summer and look great against glowing summer skin.  I would wear them to the beach and then dress them up at night time.  The simple dress styles were very stylish and a classic design that will never go out of fashion.”     

Margie, Sydney, Australia wearing Renee Maxi in layered Orange Mesh                        

Location:  Mallorca, Spain

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suada-in-rachelleleopard4.jpg susie-yellow-rachelle-cropped4.jpg

“I love these sarongs!!  I wore mine to the beach during the day, and then out in the town at night. They are so easy to dress up and down and most importantly for me ... to pack. I was travelling with a back pack around Europe and I didn’t have to worry about ironing my favourite outfit! Apart from that, they are so comfortable and light, which was great in 40 degree and above heat.

They’re not only handy in Europe; they’re handy here at home too. Great investment for my wardrobe!”

Suada, Sydney Australia 

Location:  Mallorca, Spain


“Hannah (8 years of age) is "modelling" her new coverup, I hope you like the photo.  I'm actually discovering that blues and greens are her colours just as much as purples and watermelon pinks!!!

Hannah commented that she felt very grown up and special in her cover up.

"From my perspective I love the fact that I now have something very stylish for Hannah to wear, that is still age appropriate, but which also does not emphasise her tiny frame.  We have a lot of trouble finding clothing that is not babyish given she is about a size 5!”   

Richelle, (Hannah’s mum) Hannah, Sydney, Australia, wearing the child’s version* of Renee in Splash in the Ocean

*Contact Us to request a child's size cover-up 

Contact Us for more information on girls cover-ups


“This cover-up was fantastic on my family’s recent cruise around the South Pacific Islands.  It hardly took any luggage space – I virtually shoved it in my suitcase, then when it came time to wear it, I just shook it out and put it on!

I tried it a few different ways, until I settled on the cowl-neck dress style, which I wore to a ‘Tropical’ theme night dinner on the ship.

It was very original and I got many glances as I wore it, due to the fact that the design and fabric print was very unique and it stood out from the rest – no one else was wearing anything close to it.

I wore a halter-neck bra under it and positioned it high enough at the back to cover my bra-strap.  I found it very comfortable to wear, and didn’t need to adjust it at all throughout the evening.  I felt great the whole evening wearing it!”  

Laura, Sydney Australia, wearing Mahlee in Temptation in Paradise (single layer)

Location: P&O Pacific Jewel Ocean Liner, South Pacific Islands

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“I took my Angelique cover-up on my recent holiday to Bali.  It was the perfect thing to wear to the beach, shopping and cafés.

It’s so versatile – I loved that I didn’t have to carry my clothes with me.  I went to the beach for a couple of hours in the mornings and wore it as a skirt (it stayed in place beautifully, as I’m not one to show off my stomach!).  Then after the beach, I put it on as a dress and off shopping to the markets and then to a café for lunch.

It’s so comfortable and flattering on – I felt great wearing it!”
Jamal, Sydney Australia wearing Angelique in Brown Mesh (double layer)
Location:  Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia
jamal-in-bali-angelique-skirt1.jpg jamal-bali-angelique.jpg

“This is the ideal garment to wear on a hot summer’s day - it’s cool, light and airy.  It looks elegant worn over my swimsuit, and transforms into something more formal when I change the style and dress it up with the buckle, and put on my make-up, shoes and jewellery.  Who needs anything more?”               

Trish, Sydney, Australia wearing Angelique in Animal Magnetism  

Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia




“I have just arrived back from a fantastic European holiday and my wrap was just the item of clothing that I would have to call an essential.  It was light and easy to wear for any event.

Whether I was having a day on the beach in the South of Italy or getting ready to go out for dinner, it was just a matter of wrapping it around me in the style to suit the occasion.

I just love it, not just for now but for many summer holidays before this, and the holidays yet to come.”

Connie, Melbourne Australia wearing Mahlee in Splash in the Ocean

Location:  Calabria, Italy

connie-in-calabria-beach.jpg connie-in-calabria-3.jpg

“I love this Mahlee wrap!  This is my all time favourite piece.  The fabric feels so soft and falls beautifully. The day this picture (far left) was taken it was 4 degrees outside. I put a skivvy underneath and wore tights and boots. Everywhere I went people stopped me and complimented the outfit.

Sometimes I wear the same mix but turn it into a high waisted skirt, lovely effect.

This is more than a swimwear wrap it is a sexy and versatile piece of clothing.  It never creases and is so easy and comfy to wear all year round – I didn’t wear much else in Bali while on holiday with my girlfriends.”

Rose, Raumati, New Zealand wearing Mahlee in Leopard Chic layered with Brown Mesh

Location: Raumati, New Zealand, and Bali, Indonesia

"I feel like a million dollar babe when I'm wearing this skirt!”   

Elisabeth, Sydney, Australia, wearing Renee Mini skirt in Meet Me In Paris layered with white mesh

Location:  Wollongong, NSW, Australia


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“What a brilliant invention.  I find the wrap so versatile, comfortable to wear and very forgiving on the figure.  Lovely and cool for summer.”               

additional comment emailed 1 month later:

"I thought of you on Sunday.  We had a killer of a hot day in Timaru.  Over 40 degrees! - the coolest article of clothing to wear was my Mahlee"

Annette, Timaru, New Zealand wearing Mahlee in Passionate About Pink 

Location: Lower Hutt, New Zealand

“I was given these cover-ups as a present - they are absolutely fabulous and I just love wearing them.  I have recently been to Bali and received so many comments whenever I wore them.  The fabric is so light and comfortable.  I wore them to breakfast, to the pool, and even wore the black one to pre-dinner drinks.

Thanks Pacific Breeze for creating such amazing cover-ups.”

Jane, Gold Coast, Australia

wearing (left) Renee Midi in Dusty Blue (double layered)  Click here to shop for this style

and (right) Angelique in Black Mesh (double layered)  

Location:  Bali, Indonesia

jane-in-bali-sept.jpg jane-in-bali-2-sept.jpg