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Our Story

Our mission is to make every woman look gorgeous and feel confident when wearing her swimsuit and beyond, by creating unique cover-ups that fit around curves, skim over bumps and bulges, and provide multiple levels of coverage that suit the wearer and the situation. 

Introduction to Pacific Breeze Australia

Founded by Teresa Gratkowski in 2004, spending two years conducting market research and style development led to great things!  We asked women of all ages, shapes and sizes what they wanted in a cover-up.  The results gave us our unique garments which provide women's greatest desires for the ideal cover-up:

functional and attractive: a cover-up that is easy to put on, and covers the body in the best way to look stylish and sexy

versatile: suitable as stunning beach wear – and easily revamps for lunches through to evening wear

flatters your body: a style that skims over the body – without gripping and accentuating  stomach, hips or thighs, and without looking like they’re wearing a tent

top-arm coverage: the option to cover shoulders and upper-arms

stability and control: it must stay exactly in the position it is tied

length: the choice of different lengths to suit individual heights and preferences

choice of fabrics: prints and plains, sheer and opaque fabrics – all washable and of excellent quality

Pacific Breeze Australia Cover-ups

The distinction of our cover-ups is in their shape and versatility - the same cover-up will let you flaunt your body with minimal coverage, or allow you greater coverage - without looking like you’ve got something to hide.  You choose the style and level of coverage you want depending on where you are, what you’re doing and, of course, who you’re with.

We are making it our business to make every woman look and feel beautiful by providing unique cover-ups of timeless sophistication and style.


Mahlee: celebrate your curves in this figure-hugging cover-up that allows you to choose the level of coverage you want while looking chic and sexy.  Available in 2 lengths: Maxi and Midi.  Mahlee is a Patented, Registered Design.   Click here to shop for Mahlee

Renee: shaped smaller at the waist and larger at the hips, this tie-skirt sits correctly around your body without gripping hips and thighs.  Flatter your body shape while choosing the length that suits you best - Maxi, Midi, Mini.   Click here to shop for Renee

Diva Drape: versatile dressing for every occasion. Wear it as a top, kaftan, poncho, tunic, shawl, scarf and sarong.  One size in two lengths: Regular & Petite      Click here to shop for Diva Drape

Paris Vest: this wardrobe essential creates style while adding a pop of colour over existing clothes, while covering the bits you're self-conscious about.            Click here to shop for Paris Vest

Wearable Art: we have started to print our own unique designs on silk and cotton in collaboration with talented artists.  These items add another layer to giving a meaningful gift.    Click here to shop for Wearable Art 

Uniquely Australian designs.